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How Do I Sell My House For Cash?

Our Cash Offers Are Based On The After Repair Market Value Of Your House! (That’s A Good Thing)

At Proven House Buyers, we understand that the amount we offer for your house is a big question you’d like answered. We provide a simple overview of our cash buying process and a detailed breakdown of an offer we recently made to a homeowner like you.

Our process is designed to simplify everything for you.

By using our own cash, we can speed up and simplify the house-buying process by removing strict regulations, approvals, and inspections by financial institutions. Banks are no longer needed with our approach.

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How Do I Sell My House Fast?​

As you can see below, our home-buying process is straightforward and easy to follow.

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fast-closing-cash-buyers How it works Fill In The Form Below

After you submit your details, we will determine the current market value of your house in its completely renovated state, including brand-new fixtures, updated designs, and a fresh new appearance.

how-to-sell-my-house-as-is How it works Schedule Your Appointment

At the appointment, we evaluate the cost of fixing your house. Once we have calculated both the repair and sale costs, we can use these figures to make a fair offer.

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how-to-sell-your-house-without-renovation How it works Pick A Closing Date

If our offer meets your expectations, awesome! We can work with your preferred timeline to close the deal. You receive the cash and we get the deed. Everyone is happy!

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” They bought my house in less than three weeks, just like they promised, and the whole process was incredibly smooth. From start to finish, the team was professional and courteous, and made sure that every aspect of the sale was handled with care.”

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Calculation of the offer:

We generate our offers based on your house’s After Repaired Value, which allows us to provide the highest offers and still retain profits, while ensuring you get the cash you require. This is our formula:

[Your Offer] = [After Repair Value] – [Cost Of Repairs] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]

This Is How We Calculate Our Cash Offers:

1) We Determine The After Repairs-Market Value Of Your House.

Your offer is determined by The After-Repairs Value (ARV), which is an estimation of the potential value of your house if it were fully renovated to meet current market standards, just like a home renovation project you’d see on HGTV.

2) We Calculate The Cost of Repairs

The Cost Of Repairs refers to the amount required for us to renovate the house and make it look spectacular, ready for the market. Our primary objective is to increase the value of the house, which would enable us to secure the maximum possible offer, resulting in a higher payout for you and an acceptable profit for us.

3) We Determine Our Selling Costs

The Selling Cost: We consider all costs associated with selling a property. While we buy houses from homeowners without involving agents, to offer a higher price, we must be able to sell the house for its maximum value after renovating it (the purpose of upgrading the property). This requires us to list the house with an agent, resulting in expenses such as closing costs, agent commissions, and taxes.

4) We Take Out Our Profits

Our Profits are reasonable. As a business, profits are essential for us to continue operating, acquire new properties, and compensate our team of contractors, plumbers, etc. Nevertheless, we ensure that our profits are ethical and reasonable, prioritizing the highest possible offers to our clients. (Without this focus on providing fair value, it would be impossible for us to continue operating as no one would accept our offers!)

In Simple Terms, it Comes Down to This:

Our offer for your house will be the highest market value of your house (after it has been completely renovated), minus all the expenses we would incur in bringing the property to its fully renovated state, minus our minimum profit. (Obviously).

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” Proven House Buyers delivered on their promise of a fair deal and a smooth transaction. Highly recommend them for anyone looking to sell their house effortlessly! “

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The Win-Win Principle Of Cash Offers

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Imagine you have an old house that needs some renovations and you want to sell it…

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how-to-sell-my-house-as-is How it works

Now, Suppose the present value of the house is $150,000 (referring to its “as-is” value), however, if you invest $100,000 towards it, you could potentially sell the same house for $300,000. (Yes this is actually the same house.)

after-the-renovation-sold-fast-and-hassle-free How it works

Regrettably, you lack either the financial means or the determination, availability, or vigor to handle contractors, repairs, and the accompanying worry.

how-to-sell-your-house-without-renovation How it works

We, as cash buyers, have the capability to make an offer of $170K for your home, which surpasses its current value by $20K. This offer works in our favor since we can invest $100K into the property and ultimately increase its worth to $300K. By putting in $270K total, we would net a profit of $30K (let’s ignore all other costs and taxes for the sake of simplicity).

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You get more than what your house is currently worth, we make our minimum profit, and everyone walks away happy.

It’s important to note that this scenario may not always happen. However, the purpose of completing the form is to evaluate the available options and ensure a successful outcome for both parties.

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