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Have questions? Good! That’s normal. Below we have listed some of the most common questions we get during our selling process. You can also feel free to reach out to us directly at our contact us page if that’s easier.

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There isn’t one! We really do buy houses As-Is for Cash. We make the entire process of selling your house as simple and easy as possible. We do all the work for you and will answer any questions you have along the way with HONESTY and TRANSPARENCY.

It’s quite simple:

(visit “How It Works” page to learn more)

1. Apply For A Cash Offer – fill out one of the forms we have on the website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

2. Call + Estimated Offer – during the call we will give you an initial offer,(Ballpark offer for your house) and if the offer suits you then we will schedule an in-person appointment.

3. in-person appointment – we (or someone from our team) will come to see the house, find out what repairs are needed (if any) and take a video for our contractor so that he can give us a quote for the renovation

4. The Final Offer – 12-48 hours after the visit we will call you with the exact and highest price offer that we can pay you, if our offer is suitable for you then we will set a closing date and within 24 hours we will send an EMD to the title company (makes the sale official)

5. Closing – After the title company completes its inspection we will “close” on the property and you will receive your cash (usually the same day).

No! All of our services require no commitment. Filling in the form, your consultation call, and any advice we give are absolutely free. The only time to sign a contract is when you decide that you LOVE your offer and want to make a deal!

You will not need any paperwork to get your cash offer. If you decide to sell your home to us and we enter into an agreement, the escrow process (explained below) may require a few documents from you. We will communicate with you every step of the way and ensure you know what to expect.

“Escrow” is a term that describes the neutral third-party handling of funds, After you decide to sell your home and come to an agreement, you will enter into “escrow.”

Escrow is an arrangement between the buyer (Itay & Dudi) and seller (you) in which an independent non-biased professional company handles the funds, documents, and other special assets needed in order to make the sale final.

Escrow helps make for a safe transaction by protecting the assets (home, cash, documents) of the buyer and seller so that each fulfills their end of the selling agreement before the final transaction is made. The duration of the escrow process differs depending on each transaction and can typically be done in as little as two weeks, if everything is in order and all documents are present.

No big deal! Part of our business model is making sure the customer is comfortable saying no. It is very important to us to be a no-obligation, no-pressure business. We are always here “just for advice” if that’s what is needed.

We buy homes in ANY condition, good or bad. We mainly buy to fix and flip, so the more room for improvement, the more we see the potential in your house. So Yes, definitely! We’d love to buy your house even if it is in terrible shape. You may be surprised by how much we can offer you in cash for your house! Just fill in our form to see how much we can pay and how easy it is to sell a damaged house!

Not at all. Don’t worry about anything. Take what you want & leave the rest. “Sell Your House As-Is” is not just a saying… We mean it! We’ve purchased houses full of cat poop, dead mice, rotten food in the fridge, cockroaches on the walls, etc. We don’t judge. So why not make things easier on yourself and just take what you want and let us deal with the rest?

No, not at all. Our services are 100% free to you. We don’t charge anything to make you an offer or inspect your property. Since we’re the direct buyers you don’t need to pay any agent commissions or fees. We also take care of all your closing costs.

Yes of course, 6-24 hours after you’ll agree to our final offer we’ll transfer the EMD to the title company

The reason for needing a home consultation is so that we can learn more about your property. In order for us to give a fair offer, we need to find out what work (if any) is necessary on the house, and how much it will cost us. It is because we do not give “low ball” offers that we have to be as accurate with repair costs as possible. Make sure to check out our selling equation we use when making our offers!

the in-person appointment typically take around 30-60 minutes.

Yes, provided we have access to see the house it is possible. We and the title company allow 100% digital sale.

We’re Itay & Dudi and we’re house flippers!

Well, we’re the owners of Proven House Buyers, LLC, a legitimate home buying company… But first and foremost house flippers. Check our “About Us” page>>

We pay cash for houses, in any condition, or location. In addition to buying houses fast for cash, we have other solutions that we can offer based on your situation and needs. Whether you want to sell your house fast, or you’re not in a rush to sell, but just want to avoid the costs and hassles of selling with an agent, we can help! Check our “How It Works” page>>

A Real Estate Agent (Realtor) does not actually purchase your house. Agents advertise your house on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), hoping to find an interested buyer. Realtors charge commissions and fees. Listing your house with an agent means you will have to pay closing costs, title transfer taxes, and likely have to endure multiple showings, open houses, inspections, and appraisals while the house is on the market, which can be take a long time (6-12 months is not uncommon).

We are a legitimate cash home buying company, with the cash and connections to other cash buyers interested in buying houses to rehab them and put it back on the market for sale, or to hold them as rentals. In many cases, we are the ones buying the house. Other times, we may sell the house to one of our trusted cash investor buyers.

We skip the whole “agent” process and jump immediately to the offer and closing on your property. We cover all the closing costs that you would normally pay when selling through an agent. The most notable differences are that we do not charge you any fees or commissions, and that you have a legitimate cash buyer in place and don’t need to wait months in uncertainty hoping the agent will find you a qualified buyer.

“We are not desperate to sell our home, nor are we in a hurry!”

As much as it may be surprising, the majority of the sellers that sold us their house were not desperate to sell (at all), nor were they trying to avoid foreclosure. Most of our clients choose us simply because they either had bad experiences listing their house with an agent, or they just don’t want to deal with repairs, endless showings or any of the hassles of selling a house the traditional way.

Because we buy houses in any condition, no matter the situation, location or issue you may be facing, we often are a great option to consider if you want to sell your home fast, and with ease.

Let us run the numbers and see how much we can offer you in cash for your home. We’d be happy to advise you if listing with an agent would be a better choice for you or not. After all, it doesn’t hurt to get an offer from us, our offers are 100% free and there’s zero obligation to accept!

Unfortunately, some do, yes. A lot of homeowners that sell their homes to cash buyers are facing some sort of distress and are in a situation where they are pressured to sell their homes fast to cash out. So yes, some cash buyers take advantage of other people’s misfortunes to get the best possible deal for themselves. You need to be careful who you deal with and do proper research about them before you commit to selling your home. Do they have good reviews? Are they in business for a while? Do you have a good “gut” feeling about them?

Keep in mind that we do buy houses in order to make a profit and that’s how we can remain in business. However, part of our core values is giving first and treating people the way we want to be treated. So although we may not pay full market value, we do conduct business in an ethical manner and do not take advantage of other people’s bad situations. We truly care about the happiness of our sellers, so if they are not happy with our offer, we would not want them to sell us their home.

So while there may be some cash buyers who are doing unscrupulous things out there, we are definitely not some of those guys and will treat you as best as we possibly can. Feel free to visit the “About Us” page as well as the “How It Works” page to familiarize yourself with our company and our home buying process to see if you feel good about selling us your house.

The first thing you need to know is that we will NEVER throw some insulting “low-ball” offer at you. We start the whole process by getting to know you and your situation. You tell us what you need and we will try to make it work. If we can’t, we will explain why and tell you our best offer. There’s no pressure to accept.

Honestly, you absolutely do not have to choose us! There are plenty of other cash home buying companies that you could sell your house to. Just Google “We Buy Houses” or “Sell My House Fast” and you’ll see a bunch of them show up. However, you should do your research about these companies before you choose one to work with. Unfortunately, there are investors out there that can’t wait to take advantage of people for their own personal gain.

We are not desperate. We do not need to make a huge profit on each deal, and we do not expect to buy every house that we come across. While WHAT we do is similar to other home buying companies (we offer cash for houses), HOW and WHY we do business is different. We are genuine, honest and we care. Yes, we need to make money, but that doesn’t mean we need to take advantage of people, and that we cannot go out of our way to genuinely help you without expecting anything in return!

My suggestion is for you to check out our “About Us” page as well as the “How It Works” page to familiarize yourself with our company and our home buying process, to see if you feel we can be trusted to perform as we promise and buy your home fast for cash.

So no, you do not have to choose us, but if you do feel like working with us, just fill in this form and we will take care of you 🙂

It’s very important to make sure your buyer can actually close on the property, here are the 3 best ways to check:

1. A buyer who has something to lose – if the buyer is anonymous and does not have a digital presence (website, Facebook page, BBB page, etc.) then you as a seller have no possibility to check him (or write a good/bad review at the end of the process)

2. Proof Of Funds – Require the buyer to show you proof that he does have the money and experience to buy your house (a statement from the bank or a qualified lender is good).

3. Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) – Require the buyer to put EMD to show seriousness and that he is really going to buy the house.

These are the 3 ways that can help, but the most important thing is a good and positive feeling about the buyer and that he has an organized way to buy houses, for example>> “How it works

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